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African Muslims in American History


Straight Talk
So That We May Have Pride
Written By Jawaher Balousha

Heart Talk
The Basis of Friendship & Contentment and Gratefulness
Excerpts from Quarry of the Mind (Sayd Al-Khatir) by Ibn Al-Jawzi

Youthful Horizons
Deceived By Health
Written By Sobia Asrar

Gratitude and Generosity
Written By Suhail Moffat

Zakat To Family Members
Zakat Al-Fitr In Food or Currency
Delaying Zakat Payment And Payment By Proxy
Answered by Dr. Salah Al-Sawy
AMJA Permenent Fatwa Committee

African Muslims in American History
Written By Amadou Shakour

Special Issue - 1
From Bible-Thumpin' to Qur'an-livin'
Written By Kaighla White

Science Upholds Faith
Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an - 11: Miracle in The Iron
Written By Harun Yahya

In Focus
The Rise of the Anti-'Alim
Written By Zainab Khan

Nutrition and Spirituality
Understanding Hunger, Malnutrition and Starvation in a Food-Rich World
Written By Amira Murphy

Self And Others
Changing Others: a matter of the heart
Written By Umm Abdullah Zubairi

Qur'an And Life
Companions of the Qur'an
Written By Marryam Abdl-Haleem

Fiqh Matters
Making Du'a While in Ruku' and Sujud
Written By Omar Abdl-Haleem

On Hadith
Hadeeth Qudsi
Written By Omar Abdl-Haleem

Letters from the Backwoods
Let's Start from the End: a dose of inspiration for you
Written By Ahmad Haleem

The Forty First Station (futuwwa) The Station of Chivalry
Translation By Uwaymir Anjum

Social Mileage
Written By Oliva Kompier

Women's Issues
When A Women's Heart Hurts
Written By Sumayyah Meehan

Believe and So Shall It be
Written By Khadijah Abd'l-Haleem

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